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We guide and support artistic interests

Rather than relegate a student’s artistic interests to an after-school passion project, ECA integrates cinematic arts into high school education. Our belief is that creative education enables students to tell personal, meaningful stories and become positive difference makers within their communities. The time and effort that students invest into developing technical skills and producing works deserves to be honored with credit and recognition much in the same way an independent research project would be at higher levels of education.

Students have the option to earn high school elective credits reflected through official transcripts granted by the WASC and Cognia-accredited Elite Open School. Credits bestowed by Elite Open School are eligible to contribute towards high schools’ graduation requirements, factor into GPA calculations, and serve to highlight a student’s passion and dedication when being considered for competitive positions in film school or internships.

Student Experience

ECA welcomes high school students across all levels of experience. We serve those who wish to begin exploring the world of creative storytelling from the ground-level to those who have previously produced projects that they wish to take to the next level. All students are granted access to ECA’s resources and quality guidance, designed to build the confidence required to begin participating in any independent 4-week module.

Progression through a set of modules within a creative discipline provides learners with a well-rounded and practical education within a specific area of expertise in the entertainment industry. Through their assignments, students develop technical skills used daily in the line of work by their Hollywood instructors. Students can take pride in composing a veritable portfolio of projects and deliverables crafted under the guidance of a seasoned professional.

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