About Us


Cutting-Edge Learning Experiences for the Filmmakers of Tomorrow

Future Skills for Future Media Leaders

ECA was founded by Hollywood leaders and veterans with the goal of teaching today’s cutting-edge techniques to shape tomorrow’s media trends. Students will prepare for the film and entertainment industry of the future, exploring new methodologies, mastering new skills, and creating high-quality portfolios.

Proficiency and Relevancy-Based Creative Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and technical competencies required for a future profession in the film & entertainment industry. Our curriculum is structured to target a wide but pertinent range of subjects to cultivate future creatives that will excel in a dynamic field.

Industry Professionals as Instructors

Located in Los Angeles, at the heart of the entertainment industry, ECA was created with a vision to connect the artists of tomorrow with Hollywood professionals today in a hands-on learning environment at the intersection of art and technology. Our students learn directly from professionals who are actively employed in the industry. 

Our Core Services

ECA welcomes students across all levels of experience. We serve those who wish to begin exploring the world of creative storytelling from the ground-level, to those who have previously produced projects that they wish to take to the next level. Through their assignments, hands-on workshops, and collaborative projects, students develop technical skills used daily in the line of work by Hollywood professionals. All students are granted access to ECA’s resources and quality mentorship, designed to build the requisite skills, knowledge, and confidence required to make an impact on-set or in the studio.

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    Our certification programs are designed and delivered in partnership with domestic and international media corporations to identify exemplary talent and train them in a variety of entertainment disciplines to meet the needs of the current job market.

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    Produced in partnership with leading Hollywood production companies and ECA’s international partners, the apprenticeship program is designed to pre-skill and re-skill potential hires through hands-on training from industry professionals on real-world projects. 

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    ECA partners with Hollywood studios to bring established filmmakers to teach immersive workshops that introduce young filmmakers to the technology and techniques used in modern filmmaking.