Our Approach

The Next Generation of Creative Arts Education


Courses at ECA are a combination of pre-recorded lectures and weekly live Zoom classes. Lectures can be completed as the student’s schedule allows. Zoom classes will facilitate hands-on learning and professional feedback.

ECA’s program is designed to complement students’ busy schedules rather than compete with other time demands. The awarding of high school credits honors students’ time and effort.


Each creative discipline currently offers three independent 4-week modules. Each module will cover an aspect related to the subject, with instruction in background knowledge, skills development, and project building. Modules are complete when a student finishes their final projects, which are due at midnight PST one week after the last meeting date.

Our modular approach affords young creative minds the opportunity to test their fit within novel areas of interest, and the structure required to facilitate progressive immersion into a field of study that resonates.

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    Ease of Exploration

    Students in the process of exploring their passions, especially in a multifaceted industry such as film, need space to experience different creative disciplines before committing.

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    We want to give students the opportunity to lean into their passions as their schedule allows. We don’t want to compete with other time commitments.

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    ECA Modules are designed to identify the moment a student’s interest becomes a passion. From then on, it becomes our mission to foster development towards quality skill- and career-building.


A WASC and Cognia-accredited transcript is a universally recognized signifier that the time and effort invested by a student towards training in a creative discipline has been reviewed by a trusted entity to guarantee outstanding quality of instruction.

Credit granted via the Elite Open School network can serve to augment GPA calculations and demonstrate skills and ability in a field of study. Both of these are important for college admissions. These credits demonstrate specialized skills and knowledge, which can give students a competitive edge in internships.

ECA students who work towards our certification program will have tangible, high- quality work that will augment their portfolios to submit to colleges for admission to top film programs.

Our courses emphasize hands-on projects for students to develop proficiency in using the professional tools of the trade to create original student work, from writing your own screenplay to filming and editing a short film.