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Jonghwan Patrick Park

JP Park has been an innovator and leader in education since 1987 with the founding of Elite Education Group. Since then he has led the company to over 50 education centers in 6 countries around the world serving tens of thousands of students and families per year. He started a student talent search and scholarship organization called CFGL and has been driven to bring education to those who need it most.Most recently, he is again on the vanguard of education, founding Elite Open School (EOS) and the EEI Creative Arts as a part of his vision to bring creativity, critical thinking, and pursuit of passions to the developing lives of young people. As a leading educator in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and a member of the World Economic Forum, it is his mission to equip future generations with the skills and tools of tomorrow for lifelong success, while providing families with trustworthy education choices today.JP Park is a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2019, as well as honored recipient of countless other civic awards for his outreach and education efforts.

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