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UPDATE for Fall Module Start Dates

Dear Parents and Students,

Like all of you, we have been greatly anticipating the launch of ECA’s first modules in the Screenwriting, Editing, and Virtual Production courses. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we have decided to postpone the starting date for all modules until October thereby shifting the schedule of each modules back by one month.

This decision was not made lightly, and in the interest of transparency we would like to share our intentions with you. Present throughout the development process of the Fall Program was an implicit hope that the global pandemic would have tapered off by this time, affording students some stability within their learning environments. As an online program, ECA has the advantage of not having to worry about person-to-person COVID transmission. However, many school districts are still uncertain at this time about the format in which their instruction will proceed.

We had always intended for our program to complement students’ learning schedules, rather than have to compete for the time that they spend learning in front of a computer. Pushing our program back by a month allows students to settle into their schedules as set forth by their school district before deciding whether they will have the bandwidth to engage with us in virtual instruction in the cinematic arts. It is our hope that this decision, though disappointing at the present moment, will ultimately allow for our students to make more informed decisions regarding their academic workload at a more stable juncture in the school year. Beyond the timeframe during which courses will take place, this delay will not affect students’ ability to earn official high school elective credits through ECA courses.

Despite this inconvenience, we sincerely hope that you will join us at our new launch date. We, on our end, will do everything in our ability to prevent additional delays to our program.

Please find below the revised start dates for each module:

Post-Production Editing:
Module 1 (Fundamentals of Editing): October 13, 2021
Module 2 (Advanced Editing Tools & Techniques): November 10, 2021
Module 3 (Intro to VFX): January 12, 2022

Virtual Production:
Module 1 (Manipulating Digital Landscapes): October 16, 2021
Module 2 (3D Modeling): November 13, 2021
Module 3 (3D Animation): January 15, 2022

Module 1 (Origin of Stories): October 17, 2021
Module 2 (Writing a Short Film): November 14, 2021
Module 3 (Writing the Show Bible): January 16, 2022

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused to your plans for the fall. In a month’s time, it is our hope that you, we at ECA, and the nation as a whole will find ourselves in a place more conducive towards making firm decisions in spite of the resurgence of a pandemic that has already deeply affected so many people including those we love.

Please join us in looking forward to the launch of our creative arts courses next month.

The ECA Team